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Cloud 9 - Look, someone's on that tree

Jan. 8th, 2011

04:37 pm - Cloud 9

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I have been looking into using Cloud9 for JavaScript development. The project has just announced new release.

Installation on Linux (Fedora 13) went smooth, first one will need the latest stable Node from NodeJS project. Download and compile as usual, I have installed it with root, however it can be installed as regular user. Once this is installed I used npm (node package manager) and install cloud9. Start i with


Unfortunately even the 'world fastest browser' (a.k.a. Chrom) could not keep up with editing. Loading a huge file (let's say mootools.js) is too slow, scrolling in it is too slow, switching between files was way way too slow and what is worse, debug stopped working at some point and I cannot figure out why, so we are back at the console.log() debugging, which is not that great, but at least you can see the log in the same time as you see the code, which is better than constantly switching contexts, however the breakpoint type of debugging is not working. Let's hoe this would be fixed in next release.

Oh, and by the way you can still run your script with
node /path/to/your/script.js

It is kind of cool, I will have to find time to play some more with this.