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Update on the Editor script - Look, someone's on that tree

Jan. 17th, 2011

03:18 pm - Update on the Editor script

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I have encountered a small issue (GreaseMonkey being 'bad' and wrapping the HTMLElement, thus wrapped elements are never equal, even if they are in the DOM) and I had to use the unwrapped version (wrappedElement.wrappedJSObject).

This makes the script not that ideal, but it still works. The following two paragraphs are for testing of both warning messages and code snippets:

This is a test warning!
var a = 'Hello GreaseMonkey!';

Hopefully it will be useful. There are places for improvements, but I don't have the time to do it right now. The code was re-worked and shortened, also some edge cases were taken care of. It is not tested very well, still, it can be used as entry level script to develop more robust extensions. Once my hosting provider restores my account I will upload the complete userscript and link it here. A screen shot follows demoing the new buttons:
LiveJournal editor with two additional buttons