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Cloud 9 beta - Look, someone's on that tree

Jan. 26th, 2011

09:59 pm - Cloud 9 beta

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It was announced today - cloud9 now accepts user registration, which means one can apply and if approved can start developing applications on their servers.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier in this blog, my opinion is that the technology, while somewhat mature and really interesting, is not fast enough to compete with regular editor, like gEdit, which has its quirks also, but at least is not choking my laptops to death when loading several thousand lines of code. Not that I think this kind of code is manageable in one file, but still some libraries come that way and I need to be able to look in the code. If the editor cannot do it, then its no use at all.

What I really want to see added (apart from better performance, which I don't think will happen, maybe one day when I have a gazillion cores laptop and the browser can use them all...):

var object_generator = function(options){
    var that = {};
    var private_variable = false;
    var private_function = function(param){
        if (!private_variable && typeof that.whatever === 'undefined') {
            that.whatever = true;
    that.privileged_method = function(param){
    that.property2 = 'string';
    return that;
var myObject = object_generator();
This should give me information that I have Object Generator named object_generator with 1 private variable, 1 private function, 1 privileged method and 1 object property for the returned object. It should also tell me that it has one object instantiated and list the public methods and properties of that object. Well this second part actually requires execution so it would not be easy to be made for an IDE, but I believe the first part is quite doable. However, for know I do not know of an editor/IDE that can do it.

On the other hand we have the fact that one can set breakpoints and change variable values during runtime while executing node programs. This is really handy. But still, the editor need to be faster, really!

I hope they will succeed, it might change lots, for example JavaScript developers might no longer be required to go to the office everyday (dream a little dream of me).