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Botnets? - Look, someone's on that tree

Feb. 11th, 2011

10:02 pm - Botnets?

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Today on New Scientist was an entry about a research from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis computer specialists that states

The attack requires a large botnet – a network of computers infected with software that allows them to be externally controlled: Schuchard reckons 250,000 such machines would be enough to take down the internet.

Okay, question: what the fuck? So you mean there actually are 250,000 computers being out there and running bots unsuspecting? This seem to me like science fiction. How come those computers are not attended? How come an operating system/software that allows such thing to happen is still used? Talking about Windows? I don't know, but this really really stupid to me!

I run Linux from 1998 on all my machines. Servers, laptops, home computer, home media centre, my parents computers. Never have allowed any access to anyone. I know it is possible for someone to compromise a server or even several servers but 250,000 computers... this is mind lowing for me.  And they (windows folks) still talk about security? And ease of use? Do they mean insecurity and ease of misuse? I don't know. I was 'this' close to by myself a windows 7 laptop (to be able to experiment with the hardware acceleration in CSS3 animations and transitions as well as webGL). Well. I would not be doing it. Sorry windows. I will stick with Linux for now, even thou openGL ES support is crappy and works only on Nvidia cards. It is still better than having a zombie machine.

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