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YouTube changes - Look, someone's on that tree

Mar. 3rd, 2011

07:10 pm - YouTube changes

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YouTube has changed the way they provide the video URL, so Free YouTube script is not working any more.

However the change is trivial, here are the updated bits:

-        var fmt_url_map = unescape(document.body.innerHTML.match(/fmt_url_map=([^&]+)/)[1]).split(/,/);
+        var fmt_url_map = document.body.innerHTML.match(/fmt_url_map": "([^"]+)/)[1].split(/,/);
-                    videourl = val[1]
+                    videourl = unescape(val[1]).replace(/\\/g,'');
It is working again. I am so used to watching the videos in separate tab with mplayer, i cannot even recognize the page with embedded video any more.

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