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The new windows (7)

windows 7 logoOk here is the truth (briefly):
Windows 7 allows application developers to write DRM that bypasses your firewall, refuses to let you modify or disable DLLs, and to block you from mixing your audio inputs
What more do you need to know about the "new latest and greatest"?
I don't want to hear it and I am proud I haven't used Window on any computer since 1998!

Consider this, you no longer own anything you have bought as a piece of data or software. Not your mp3 files, not your games, not your operating system. You do not have any right over it. Probably the only right left to you is to destroy it. And if you are asking me that is exactly what you should be doing!

Want to know something else? Have you ever think about why is that those ultra popular mini laptops (called NetBooks) are so great but only if they had 2 Gigs of memory instead of only one? Simple - Microsoft refuses to license Windows XP on any product that has over 1 GB of system memory, they force the OEM to use Vista instead on anything that has more than 1GB. World domination? No, this is not world domination, this is just domination over owr modern way of life. And I do not say you should not give your money to Microsoft, I say you should just make the informed chooice! Just know what you are doing. So, next time you think your firewall under windows is safe - think again.

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