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The commitment (by Dan Savage) - Look, someone's on that tree

Sep. 24th, 2010

08:04 pm - The commitment (by Dan Savage)

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Okay, I confess, I am a fan. Not that I read his column regularly (and not that I can, since I don't buy subscriptions for news papers). But I have watched his QAs on youtube and I can tell he is a funny guy. And nice to look at. For a gay man on my age this is almost as he's Apollo himself.

Dan Savage - The commitment

From the first page of the book one can sense his witty humor and I can tell you, I laugh a lot with it. If you are looking for something funny and light to read before sleep (or to finally start using your iPhone/iPad/Android device for something more than games (because come on! confess it finally, you are using it for games and stupid apps anyway, don't tell me you regularly use the map to find your way to the coffee shop or to track your hikes or to research important information on the go, you, just like everybody else are mostly playing games and update constantly your freaking facebook status with occasional mindless tweets)) I would strongly recommend it. I am actually surprised to read the following in chapter one:
We realized relatively quickly that the only time we remembered why we liked each other well enough to want to have kids together in the first place is when we were alone together. (you may need to read the last sentence twice)

Okay, honestly, Dan, is this an insult to your readers? Or is the average literacy of gay men (as I suspect the book will be bought mostly by gay men) in the United States that low to incline you to suggest re-reading your 20 something word sentences twice just to make sure they understand it? I hope you did not mean that.
Anyway the book is funny and, at least from where I stand, a good read. Unfortunately (mostly for you and for your publisher) I am not buying it any time soon.
But as I said it is a good read, so, dear reader, if you have spare 4 dollars - go for it. As Terry Pratchet is more expensive. Kidding, really, the book is good! I promise!