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Outsourced - Look, someone's on that tree

Sep. 25th, 2010

08:55 am - Outsourced

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In the sea of old and new series bombarding the silver screen, if you are like me, each season you are desperately looking for a drop of fresh idea, a nice to watch, interesting enough but not in obsessive ways, new series to watch.

Just like Drop dead diva it is funny, easy to watch, the episodes does not seem to be strongly connected, so you are not in anxiety to watch the next one (like with Glee), and yet interesting enough to force us to enjoy it.


I present you "Outsourced". I have not seen the movie, so it is a fresh idea for me. And it involves Indian food which is yummy enough for me also.

Among the other starters this year, I could mention the following (already seen thus far):

There are some more (not new, but watchable): Supernatural (Come on! they should quit already! How many times one can go to hell?!), Glee (no, its not gay, just the music is coming from a drag queen's iPod music collection), Desperate housewives (Ok this is gay, but hey, they have Wanessa Williams now, how can one resist?!), House (the weakest season premier EVER!!! Loosers...). Hum, I guess that's it. I might be missing something.

What will be missed: Eurika (of course), Hevan (not so much, actually not at all), Warehouse 13 (I know it is childish and completely ridicule most of the time, but if you have nothing better to do...), Unnatural history (3 young, pretty attractive, nicely cleaned, cute people, 2 boys and a girl, save the day, each Wednesday, what is ti not to like?!).

The rest is a mix of &#!? of course, but can help the work hours pass, especially if you work in a mall where no one ever do his shopping in your department. Like "Life unexpected" or "Melissa and joey". Or even "Mike and Molly". No, seriously, who wants to watch about the development of the romantic relationship between two obese middle aged dick heads? Uhm... not a gay man anyway!