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End of an era or how we should not favour our past on the expense of the present day - Look, someone's on that tree

Dec. 18th, 2010

05:07 pm - End of an era or how we should not favour our past on the expense of the present day

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Dear Mr. Mandla,

I am happy to report that my adventurous love affair with your blog is now over.

I find it mostly waste of time for the following reasons:

I am not sure if anyone here will agree on any of this, but now I am completely sure you and your followers apprehend yourselves as some cast that knows the right path to the computing and everyone else for you is lost in the non-sense of modern computing. I was trying to follow your path of thinking and made this experiment, I have lived without normal computing environment for over a month. It slowed me down, It made me spend more time in front of the computer and it made me lag on performing very simple tasks (for example copying text from one application to another is pain in the console when the application has its own windowing, like finch of irsii or elinks!!!).

This said - now I believe you are on the wrong path, for users like you I believe the right path would be - run web applications (your own!), write them to be fast and efficient and have only web interface, very simple one, but web, and use whatever you feel like as browser to access all of them! browser environment can be effective even without images, sounds and plugins! one can also configure handlers for flash video in a regular browser ( so the video can be played by mplayer or just downloaded and so on), all images can be saved at once and on and on possibilities, that you delude users into forgetting and hang themselves in an era not 10 =12 years ago but 30! because text terminals were used 30 years ago! Just watch Crockford's first hour presentation on history of computing and you'll see what I am referring!