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A few movies. - Look, someone's on that tree

Jan. 1st, 2011

08:17 pm - A few movies.

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As many of us know, the holidays can be quite lonely time. If you are also ill it makes the time passes even slower. So sooth my pain and soul I decided to give a few movies a shot. It was about time, since my 300GB hard drive is having only 20 gigs free now, everything else is pending my review.

letters to Juliet posterSo here we go. First - Letters to Juliet. A romantic ... something. I don't know, it is very slow paced, very cliche inclined and pretty much we all know what happens at the end. The beautiful scenery simply does not cut it, especially compared to the previous hit of the young lady in the leading role - Mamma mia. And by the way he really good view is coming too late (in the face of Christofer Egan).

Next - David's birthday (original title Il compleanno). Very Italian movie, no doubt. Lands it right in the middle of all other Italian movies about straight guys going south. Nothing interesting really, the only interesting character being the souse killer/brother/uncle. The young Thyago Alves is nice to look at though, however I don't really understand all the Italian/French movie makers - why does the young, hot, awesome good looking guys have to always fornicate with someone twice their age. It looks they do it just so that something dramatic can happen, like being outed or kill someone. I don't get it, why not do it with someone their own age? The scene where Davit is masturbating is really awesome, you can see him sweating in the dim light, its really good. Much better than, say, 'Broke straight boys'.

I would love to add one more, but all of theme would be just waste of your time as it was of mine. Just to protect you from doing the deed:

Enough with the bad for now.

Oh and as a bonus - you should watch the 'Steam room series' in YouTube, its like a promo series for the 'Is it just me' movie, which is really poorly made one, but the series is cool.



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