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Update pretifier - Look, someone's on that tree

Jan. 22nd, 2011

07:49 pm - Update pretifier

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I have continued to play around with LiveJournal's update page.

I feel I need more space for the entry, so I shrank the metainfo related stuff in expandable (but not expanded by default) div and increased the height of the post entry frame.

The code is available at pastebin.

I have also worked a bit on the editor capabilities, now the image editing with pins on top and shadows is available as button in the toolbar and the code for the other stuff I wrote before is cleaned up.

As with many other things in life, once you get deeper into it, it becomes easy and clear.

So as of now I accept proposals for other functions to be added to the editor.

The script is also available on Usersciprts.org if you want to try it out. I have tested it only in Firefox 3.6. It might or might not work on other user script enabled browsers, depending on their implementation.

And because I love posting pictures of gorgeous guys here is one:

Harel Skaat in Barcelona

Oh and by the way - he also signs very well.

Current Location: Bulgaria,